Doing what we do involves lots of people doing lots of different things, and we’ve got opportunities galore for every interest! Besides performing onstage, working backstage, or ushering at our shows, we’ve got groups of people that help to plan and coordinate every aspect of what we do, and have a great time doing it! Whatever your interests, we’ve got a committee that could use your help:


The Fundraising Committee shall support the Board in the identification, planning, coordination, and execution of fundraising efforts throughout the year
With decisions being made by the Board, the committee will:

  • Identify and recommend fundraising opportunities based on cost, resources and skills needed, alignment with SCCT mission and values, overall effort, and expected return
  • Create a fundraising schedule mindful of shows, auditions, and other SCCT planned events; as well as high-density local and community events such as Arts Fest and football games
  • Develop plans for successful execution of fundraisers to include a budget, resources list, timeline, and assigned tasks
  • Gather necessary resources, book venues, and enlist volunteers as necessary for the event
  • Work with vendors and venues for successful execution of fundraisers
  • Work with the Board and any marketing committees to promote fundraisers
  • Communicate on all fundraising matters with the Board, vendors, and other stakeholders
  • Organize and execute day-of activities

Board Liaison: TBD


Helps select options for all season shows including summer, off season, murder mysteries, cabarets, etc. The Play Selection Committee is responsible for examining all aspects of particular productions to determine if they are a good fit for SCCT to perform.

Board Liaison: TBD


The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for outreach to other local and community organizations for season sponsorship. This includes coordinating ad sales for the season’s program and contacting local businesses about sponsoring certain productions throughout the season beyond season sponsorship.

Board Liaison: TBD


Prepares future growth of SCCT; coordinates team of people to find space/land, as well as potential capital. The Venue Committee will be responsible for finding venues for any and all SCCT events, including but not limited to, fundraisers, plays, musicals, and cabarets.

Board Liaison: TBD

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