Les Femmes Fatales

SCCT is proud to present the
2005 Apprentice Show

Les Femmes Fatales
…..dedicated to the women of the theatre

Starring (in alphabetical order):
Our 2005 Summer Season Apprentices
Abbie Eden
Sky Friedlander
Alex Gabriel
Samantha Gant
Sophie Huddart
Julia Page
Leanna Walker
Amberlee Weber

 Performed Fall 2005 at the Boal Barn Playhouse


Tonight’s show offers a collection of short scenes, songs, and dances
celebrating women in theater. Our intention is not to make any bold
statement about the countless contributions made by the women of
theater, but to demonstrate the broad talents of these young women–and
to give them a chance to shine after all of their hard work. They
decided on the pieces, gathered the costumes, and worked together as a
team to craft each number. So after a summer spent doing what had to
be done, tonight they offer their reward for all that work–a chance to
get out of their paint clothes, put on something pretty, and have fun
performing what they like!

Our apprentices this year were, in fact, mostly female, although we did
have a returning male apprentice, Dan Landers-Nolen, who was
fortunate enough to travel to Scotland with the State College High
School Thespians over the last weeks of our program. Hence, most of
tonight’s pieces feature fun and interesting female characters, with a
few exceptions that we hope will amuse you.

I have spent the past 11 weeks with these talented young women and
man, building sets, exploring the art of theater, and watching them
grow friendships I know will last a lifetime. The apprentice program
offers opportunities to learn theater arts by working directly on our
SCCT summer season productions. Of course, that includes “theater
maintenance” (fancy term for trash, recycling, and bathroom cleaning)
and these kids did everything asked of them with enthusiasm, laughter,
and a sense of responsibility. They should be proud of their
stewardship of the Boal Barn this summer and of their many
contributions to the summer season. I know I am.

Elaine C. Meder-Wilgus, 2005 Apprentice Coordinator