Our Time The Songs of Stephen Sondheim

Our Time

The Songs of Stephen Sondheim

Additional music by Jule Styne, Leonard
Bernstein, and Mary Rodgers

Choreography by
Alison Morooney

Written and Directed by
Richard Biever


May 18th and 20th
Julia Brasseur
Maggie Cox
Alison Morooney
Deanalis Resto
Andy Saxe
Ben Thomas
Elizabeth Vautour
David Saxe

May 19th and 21st
Eli Beers-Altman
Ethan Gwynn
Kathleen Murphy
Samantha Shoffner
Stephanie Shoffner
Kat Supina
Meg Supina
David Saxe

 Performed May 18-21, 2006 at the Boal Barn Playhouse