The Fred Waring Radio Show

The Fred Waring Radio Show

Center for the Study of Free Institutions
and Civic Education….Presents
(A Recreation of Waring’s 1944 Radio Show)

A Production of the FICE Center’s
Arts and Education Program: Our American Heritage

“The Fred Waring Radio Show”
A Tribute to Fred Waring, recreating his 194-0s Chesterfield Show

By David Saxe
(with additional dialogue from the Fred Waring’s America archives)

Featuring a Variety of Popular Music from the 1920s-1940s

Production Coordinators and Staging
David and Laura Saxe

Musical Director and Vocal Coach (Rehearsals)
Eric Brinser

Set, Logos, and Costume Designs
David and Laura Saxe

Set Art
Laura Saxe

Stage Manager (Rehearsals)/Booth Supervisor
Emily Esposito

Master Carpenter/Tribute to Fred Waring Display
Jon Vickers-Jones

Lighting Design
Sue Polay

Sound Operator
Rob Arnold

Sound Assistance
Michael Blake

Costume Supervisor
Edna Rentschler

Assistant Stage Manager (Rehearsals)/Production Assistant
Bridget Esposito

Lighting Operator/Stage Hand
Bekah Sharp
Program and Historical Notes
David Saxe

Performed September 5-7, 9, 12-15, 2007

The Cast

Starring David Bonner as Fred Waring

Featuring “his Pennsylvanians … ”
Ali Morooney, Amberlee Weber, Andy Saxe, Ashley Lope, Barry Hutzel,
Chris Hollobaugh, Courtney Lope, Courtney Wozetek, David Saxe, Deb Saxe,
Eric Mollo, Hilary Caldwell, Katie Tice, Kaye Saxe, Ken Wozetek,
Leah Muller, Lloyd Short, Manda Jones, Mercer Bristow, Laura Saxe,
Regina Brannen, and Rob Arnold