Your community theatre is made up of hundreds of people, all playing their own unique part and here is your chance to be onstage performing that dream role! If you think you want to be a part of a wonderful community experience, please come audition for a role in one of our upcoming productions!

Announcing auditions for our Spring 2022 murder mystery:

Dead Tuesday Auditions (1)

These auditions are separate from the regular season auditions.

Fill out the audition form for Dead Tuesday HERE.

About The Show:

International playboy Francois Fibian is the only one who can solve the murder of a prominent New Orleans socialite during Mardi Gras, but he has his own problems. A voodoo curse is turning him into a frog.

Roles Available
Bob Boudreaux – Male, 30s-40s
Bunny Boudreaux – Female, 30s-40s
Dee Dee Demure – Female, 20s-30s
Lola Piccard – Female, 30s-40s
Inspector Pierre Perrier – Male, 20s-40s
Francois Andre Midas Fibian V – Male, 20s-40s