Your community theatre is made up of hundreds of people, all playing their own unique part and here is your chance to be onstage performing that dream role! If you think you want to be a part of a wonderful community experience, please come audition for a role in one of our upcoming productions!

Thank you to all who auditioned! Audition notifications will be sent out by March 3rd!

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All auditions will be by appointment. You will be contacted to choose a time once you have completed the audition form.


Fill out the audition form HERE.


Play Auditions:
You do not need to prepare anything. Actors will be instructed to read pieces from the script at auditions.

Musical Auditions (Holmes: The Musical):
You must come prepared to sing 16-32 bars of a musical theatre piece that displays your vocal range.


ShowCharacter DescriptionsNotes From Director
Last Call At Chez Mort (Murder Mystery) (Show Dates: April 6-8 & 15; Rehearsals: Mar./Apr.)
Show Description:
Return to the Golden age of the 1940s and the famous Jazz club “Chez Mort”. On this particular night, the club was the scene of a strange accident. Or was it an accident? As newspapers of the day reported: “Ingenue ‘Sweet Sue’ Blutowsky was mysteriously and fatally cut short during her debut singing performance. Inspector Constantine was quick on the scene to investigate the strange circumstances surrounding the shocking events.”

In attendance on that fateful night was the infamous hoodlum Big Suit Stu and his Russian bodyguard or maybe he was German. Anyway.. 

Was Big Suit the culprit? Or was it the ditzy French Emcee Jean Paul Truffaut? Maybe it was the happy go lucky Stage Hand or someone else.
Journey back in time and join the good inspector on that dark and rainy evening.
JEAN PAUL TRUFFAUT- (“Juhn Paul True-foe”) Host and Nightclub manager. A Frenchman with a thick accent. Is sometimes slow to understand what is happening around him. (can be played by female)
MACK – Street wise Stage Manager. Typical 1940’s hard boiled no nonsense guy.
LADY LELU- (lay-lou) Glamorous Night club singer. Has a bit of a hard shell under her beauty.
“BIG SUIT” STU – Sharped Dressed Gangster. Bark much worse than bite.
BODYGUARD- Stu’s bodyguard. Speaks with Russian / German Accent. Not necessarily menacing in stature. A man (or woman) of few words and some of them English.
SWEET SUE- Ditsy Girlfriend of Big Suit Stu. Dreams of being as glamorous and popular as Lady LeLu. Unfortunately has no talent.
CHIEF INSPECTOR CONSTANTINE – Police inspector who has been around the block a few times. Slighlty unkept and shamby. Sometimes has an issue keeping his facts and names straight.
He has worked so many cases they all are starting to run together.
SMITTY: News reporter.
The Iliad, The Odyssey, & All Of Greek Mythology In 99 Minutes Or Less (Show Dates: May 11-13 & 18-21; Rehearsals: Apr./May)
Show Description:
On a simple stage, with the clock ticking in front of everyone’s eyes, the cast speeds through all of Greek Mythology. Its funny, updated, and made easy to understand. The Gods walk the Red Carpet. The Creation of Mankind is a botched subcontractors job. Man and Pandora try settling down despite an ominous wedding gift. Love stories are a dating show and the Greek Tragedies are sports highlights! And don’t forget the two greatest stories ever told, The Iliad and The Odyssey. Kidnap Helen of Troy and you’ve got a 10 year slap-fight of epic proportions with pouty Achilles, war-hungry Agamemnon, and clever Odysseus, destined to wander the seas for 10 more years fighting giants, seductresses, and the Gods themselves. 
Cast of 5 (3 males, 2 females), age range late teens/early 20s to 50+.  This is an ensemble show–everyone has a major role.  Actors will portray a dozen or more different characters each: gods/goddesses, monsters/other supernatural beings, kings/queens, warriors/peasants, contemporary men/women, children/animals. Comic ability, imagination, a willingness to be silly, and a desire to have fun a plus.  Rehearsals start early April, at least 4/5 weeknights and/or weekend days per week; more often the closer to opening.  
Holmes The Musical (Show Dates: July 6-8 & 13-16; Rehearsals: Jun./Jul.)SHERLOCK HOLMES (bari-tenor) – 40-ish, eccentric. Tall, thin, clean-shaven, prominent nose, very strong and agile. Superior intelligence, quick-witted, ahead of everyone in thought and deed, barely letting anyone finish a sentence, impatient when nearing the end of an investigation. A consulting detective of some note. Very egocentric, but not outwardly flashy or boastful. Though successful, chooses cases of unusual nature, sometimes for little or no financial reward. Lives modestly on a meager stipend from his late father’s estate. Has two older brothers, Mycroft, a civil servant, and Sherrinford, a
country squire and head of the family.
DR. JOHN WATSON (baritone) – 50-ish, stodgy. Average height, beard or mustache. Tends to be easily confused, but intelligent and amusing. A general practice physician. Mildly successful in private practice, well respected in medical community. Conservative. Married, 2 daughters grown and married, 1 daughter died at an early age.
MRS. HUDSON (low soprano) – 40-60-ish. Holmes’ housekeeper/landlady. Widow. Brusk with Holmes because of his nature. Strong, but also kind, sensitive to the rest of the world. Misses having a man in her life, sees Holmes and Hugh as “family.”
MEREDITH PARKHILL CONNERY (soprano) (aka Monica Stoltz/Sturgis) – 19, victim. Orphaned at an early age, stands to inherit a small fortune. Bright and eager, but somewhat naive. Strong-willed. Plain. Coming of age, wants to learn to assert herself.
JOHN CONNERY (tenor) (aka Johann Stoltz) – 21, husband of Meredith. Unfortunate acquaintance of Stone. Not well schooled, neglected as a child. Likeable, eager to please. Is over his head in Stone’s plan to defraud Meredith. Owes Stone for keeping him out of jail.
SIMEON STONE, ESQ. (bari-tenor) – 30-50. Scheming lawyer. Feels the world owes him. Angry, cunning disposition. Mean-spirited. Not as smart as he thinks.
HUGH MANCHESTER (tenor) – 10-15. Mrs. Hudson’s errand boy, and sort-of-nephew. Idolizes Holmes. Had a tough childhood, but is intelligent and eager. “Captain” of the Irregulars.
HEIDI – Younger than Meredith. “Monica Stoltz’s” maid/housekeeper. Pleasant. Has sisterly relationship with “Monica.”
OLGA – 50-ish. “Johann Stoltz’s” secretary. Loveable, motherly. Has little work to do, but doesn’t question her “crazy” foreign employer
LESTRADE (& Chorus Judge) – 40-50-ish. Scotland Yard inspector. Respects Holmes immensely. Brings him cases he can’t solve. Is in Holmes’ debt many times over, but Holmes always gives Lestrade the credit.
CHORUS: Judge, Street Walker, Housekeeper, Policeman, 3-4 Street Urchins,
The Blitz Sisters (Show Dates: August 10-12; Rehearsals: Jul./Aug.)
Show Description:
The story of three sisters during the Blitz in London in the 1940s
NARRATOR – Male or Female
MEGAN – Sister to Morwin & Gwenny
MORWIN – Sister to Megan & Gwenny
GWENNY – Sister to Morwin & Megan
JOHN – Gwenny’s son: 9 years old
JACK – Megan’s son: 9 years old
ALAN – Morwin’s son: 9 years old
PAULA – Girl, 9 years old
MABLE – Housewife
RUTH – Housewife
GRACE – Housewife
SPIV – Male street trader
GRANNY SMITH – JACK’s grandmother (may be doubled)
CASHIER – May be doubled
STORE KEEPER – May be doubled
THEATER MANAGER – May be doubled
TWO WOMEN IN SHELTER – May be doubled
MAN IN SHELTER – May be doubled
MAN IN RUBBLE – Gerald’s father
WOMAN IN RUBBLE – Gerald’s mother
WARDENS – Male or female
GRANDPA – The sisters’ father
GRANDMA – The sister’s mother
GERALD – A small boy, 8 years old
The Psychic (Show Dates: September 14-16 & 21-24; Rehearsals: Aug./Sept.)
Show Description:
The Psychic follows the chaotic life of Adam Webster, a down-on-his-luck writer, who has put a sign in his apartment window, in despertation to make the rent: “Psychic Readings $25.”The sign soon draws the interest of the lovely and conflicted Laura, her shady husband, Roy, Roy’s mistress, Rita, a gangster named Johnny Bubbles, and ace Detective Norris Coslow.
ADAM WEBSTER – A mystery writer in his early thirties
LAURA BENSON – An attractive woman in her early thirties
ROY BENSON – Laura’s shaddy husband in his mid-thirties
RITA MALONE – Roy’s sexy girlfriend in her twenties
JOHNNY BUBBLES – A gangster in his late thirties
NORRIS COSLOW – An NYPD Detective in his forties