Production Staff

Your community theatre is made up of hundreds of people, all playing their own unique part. Some of the most important people in a production aren’t the people on the stage, but the people behind it! If you think you want to be a part of a wonderful community experience, please apply for an artistic or production staff position for this season!

We will be seeking Artistic and Production staff for the productions in our 2023 season.

All positions require availability at least one month prior to opening date. Job descriptions are available below for all positions – and you can apply online using the links below. We are also looking for running crew personnel for all productions. Please direct specific questions to


DirectorJob DescriptionApply Here!
Music DirectorJob DescriptionApply Here!
ChoreographerJob DescriptionApply Here!
Stage ManagerJob DescriptionApply Here!
Scenic DesignerJob DescriptionApply Here!
Master CarpenterJob DescriptionApply Here!
Sound Designer/OperatorJob DescriptionApply Here!
Lighting DesignerJob DescriptionApply Here!
Costume DesignerJob DescriptionApply Here!
 Assistant Stage Manager  Job Description Apply Here!


All Artistic & Production Staff positions require two additional documents:

1. A cover letter;

2. A current resume (or CV),

You may submit both of these documents via e-mail

E-mail PDFs (*.pdf) or Word files (*.doc) to:


If you have any questions, please e-mail us or give us a call at (814) 689-9149

Thank you for wanting to play your part this season!