The Wizard of OZ

The Wizard of OZ
By L. Frank Baum

With Music and Lyrics of the MGM Motion Picture

Screenplay by Harold Arlen & E.Y. Harburg

Book adaptation by John Kane from the Motion Picture Screenplay

Directed and Choreographed by Kim Silverman

Musical Director – Eric Brinser

Scenic Designer – Bret Sarlouis

Lighting Designer – Susan L. Polay

Costumer Designer – Amy Silverman

Audio Designer – Mike Twomley

Technical Director  – micah margolis

Stage Manager – Lori Howsare

Apprentice Coordinator – Eric Brinser

The Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum, is 106 years old this year and shows no signs of fading in popularity. The first public performance of The Wizard of Oz took place in January 1903. The show opened on Broadway to immediate success. It played 293 performances and road companies toured the show for the next six years. In 1939, MetroGoldWin-Mayer released its movie version, a color extravaganza, which won five Academy Awards. The story has been twisted and bent in such shows as The Wiz, Disney’s Retum to Oz, and most recently Wicked. Since its conception, song writers have used references from The Wizard of Oz in songs. Any vocalist worth noting has a personal version of “Over the Rainbow.” In 2004, “Over the Rainbow” was ranked number one motion picture song of all time by the American Film Institute, and to think, it was almost cut from the movie! (The producers believed it slowed down the opening pace of the movie too much.) Growing up in Iowa, I certainly had a firm grasp on sienna winters, colorful springs, and “tornado season.”  The Wizard of Oz helped us believe that something wonderful could come from these instant destroyers of our lives, and indeed with courage, a brain, and a heart, we could find something wonderful!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Kim Silverman, Director
Performed June 21-24, June 27-July 1 and July 4-8, 2006
Amberlee Weber
as Dorothy Gale
as Toto
Laura Saxe
as Aunt Em/Glinda
Mercer Bristow
as Uncle Henry/Emerald City Guard
Mark Srock
Zeke/Cowardly Lion
Michael Martin
Marcus Comly
Martha Traverse
as Almira Gultch/Wicked Witch
John North
as Professor Marvel/Wizard of Oz
Eli Calkins
as Mayor
Ben Moser
as Barrister
Pierce Guillory
as Coroner
Heather Desorcie, Page McDonough
as Teachers
Jessie Brown, Ashley Lope, Samantha Mullen
as Lullaby League
Nicholas Christie, Alexander Korte, Jordan Poole
as Lollipop Guild
Michaela Bojan, Adam Boone, Jordan Glover, Emma Kesidis, Caitlin Moser, Sophie Mullen, Emma Rohan, Sara Rohan, Kedrin Wilson, Tristan Wilson
as Munchkins
Luke Edmondson, Jordan Poole, Tristan Wilson
as Crows
Sarah Gamble, Amanda Jones, Maggie Lee, Courtney Lope, Alison Morooney, Chantal Owens
as Apple Trees
Jessie Brown, Heather Desorcie, Jordan Glover, Emma Kesidis, Page McDonough, Kizzy Nicholas, Emma Rohan, Sara Rohan
as Poppies
Lance Baird
as Winkie General
Adam Boone
as Nikko
Nicholas Christie, Pierce Guillory, Alexander Korte, Kedrin Wilson
as Flying Monkeys
Luke Edmondson, John North, Andy Saxe, Tristan Wilson
as Winkies
Lance Baird, Luke Edmondson, Sarah Gamble, Amanda Jones,
Maggie Lee, Ashley Lope, Courtney Lope, Alison Morooney,
Elise Mortensen, Samantha Mullen, Kizzy Nicholas, John North,
Chantal Owens, Jordan Poole, Andy Saxe, Tristan Wilson,
Rhiannon Youngbauer
as Emerald City Citizens /