A Murder Has Been Renounced

Written by:
Lee Mueller

November 17 – 19, 2022
The Arena Bar And Grill

Production Staff

Director, Costumer, Set DesignRob Burns
Stage ManagerKerry Clancy-Burns

About the Show

Private detective Nick Dashell and his wife Darla’s car has broken down. They seek shelter in large estate populated by some very odd-ball characters such as a sarcastic maid named Deidre and a shady gentleman named Captain Trucage.

Only seeking to use the phone, they learn the phone lines are down and the roads are washed out due to the storm. If that was not enough, they find themselves involved in mysterious events: Mrs Ludos’ necklace has been stolen and gunshots were heard.

Should Nick and Darla hang out and help solve the mystery? Sure, why not? After all, they can’t leave. Perhaps stranger than the inexplicable occurrences of the evening, are the actual guests they find at the estate. Everyone is acting very oddly and using really bad accents. And when one of the guests is found strangled in the kitchen, no one seems to be alarmed except for Nick and Darla. Typical.

This performance is an Interactive Murder Mystery

The Cast

Full Cast
AMHBR – 2022
Mrs. LudosCharlotte Getson
Miss HeinspeileAdeline Aileo
Captain TrucageRob Arnold
Miss MendacioAna Wakeman
DeidreElizabeth Fuhrmann
Nick DashellJared Kehler
Darla DashellSeveta Gallu

Production Stills

Behind the Scenes

Cast and Crew
AMBHR – 2022