Bellefonte Victorian Christmas Troupe Auditions

Bellefonte Victorian Christmas Troupe Auditions


Sunday, August 16th, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Open Call – No Appointment Necessary.
Those auditioning must arrive and register within the hours indicated.
Please note that the actual auditions may continue beyond the check-in times if turnout is heavy, but everyone that is checked in within the times above will be seen.

Auditions will be held at:

SCCT Backstage
171 Technology Drive
Suite 800
Boalsburg, PA

Casting Information:

SCCT is looking for 4-5 actors to perform as a roving troupe of actors during Bellefonte Victorian Christmas, December 10-13th. Actors will perform a skit, parlor games and will improv with visitors to Bellefonte throughout the weekend. Actors will also sing Christmas carols.

We are looking for actors for the following roles:

Town Crier
Bob Cratchitt
Mrs. Cratchitt
Mrs. Fezziwigg
We aren’t married to any specific age ranges for these characters, rather we are looking for actors with improv skills and a sense of adventure!

Actors will be asked to show off their best British accent, to improv and to do a cold reading from a script.

Please note also that current membership is required in order to perform in the show. If you are cast, you will be required to become a member prior to the start of rehearsals. More information on membership is available here.
Rehearsals are tentatively scheduled to begin in November.  The venue for rehearsals will be:
SCCT Backstage
171 Technology Drive
Suite 800
Boalsburg, PA
Performance Schedule:

Performances will be scheduled during the Bellefonte Victorian Christmas, December 11-13, 2015.

Contact the SCCT Office at (814) 234-7228 or via email at