Music by
Richard Rodgers
Book and Lyrics by
Oscar Hammerstein II

June 26-29, July 2-3, 5-6, 9-13, 2002
The Boal Barn Playhouse

Production Staff

DirectorKim Silverman
Music DirectorBrian Victor
Scenic DesignerAdriana Pevec Brown
Lighting DesignerAmanda B. Huckabee
ChoreographerJill A. Brighton
Costume DesignerEdna M. Immel
Technical DirectorDarren Ferlazzo
Stage ManagerSamantha E. Huckabee
Apprentice CoordinatorElizabeth A. Mugridge

About the Show

Cinderella, the kind, persecuted heroine, has been suffering at the hands of her evil stepfamily for hundreds of years, all over the world. There are many versions of this classic folk tale; one of the earliest recorded versions appeared in China (850-60 Common Era), and is written as though it is a tale well known to its audience. Yeh-shen has a magical fish instead of a fairy godmother and a golden shoe instead of a crystal one. But the hard-luck and the handsome prince remain the same, instantly recognizable to all of us who grew up with this tale, the ultimate happy ending story.

Walt Disney, with his unerring eye for the popular fancy, took his Cinderella from Charles Perrault’s Contes de ma Mere l’Ove (Tales of Mother Goose) where our heroine had the fairy godmother, the pumpkin carriage, the animal servants, and the glass slipper, leaving out the gory punishments that the Brothers Grimm meted out to the stepfamily (red hot pokers, anyone?) …

Disney’s only modern competition is this musical version of Cinderella. It was originally written for CBS television by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II in 1957. This stage version has played constantly for decades, delighting us with its portrayal of justice done and true love conquering all.

Pamela Monk

The Cast

CinderellaKelley Edwards
KingMichael J. Russell
QueenKathy DiMuccio
StepmotherBetty Bechtel
PortiaAllison Schwier
JoyHeather Summers
Prince CharmingMatthew Evans
Fairy GodmotherCathy Hutzell
HeraldDennis M. Kalup
ChefSteve Mcguire
StewardJames C. Hall
TownspeopleSally Best-Irvin
Jill A. Brighton
Brigette Thomas Crelling
William Daniel Daup
Emily Dennis
Walker Faison
Janis Fisher
Abbey Foard
Eva Heppelmann
Maggie Lee
Kelsey Lope
William Mills
Leah W. Mueller
Elizabeth A. Mugridge
Samantha Mullen