Coastal Disturbances

by Tina Howe

September 10-12, 1992
The Boal Barn Playhouse

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About the Show

Program Cover
Costal Disturbances

Artist M.J. Adams, a senior, paints at a private beach on the north shore of Massachusetts. At the end of August, her niece, Holly Dancer, a photographer, has come for a visit to escape her troubled life—both private and work. The young attractive lifeguard Leo Hart is attracted to Holly, but he is just getting over a failed romance. Another visitor to the beach, Ariel Took, now divorced and bitter, brings her young son Winston to play on the beach, but she cannot get away from her own sadness. Also visiting is Faith, Ariel’s Wellesley College roommate, who is pregnant, and who has brought along her adopted daughter Miranda. After Holly and Leo start a romance, Andre Sor, Holly’s real romantic interest, arrives. Holly leaves to return to her New York home, and, although she has told Leo that she cannot continue their romance, she gives him her phone number. Finally, M.J. Adams and her husband Dr. Hamilton “Hammy” Adams come to the beach together, comfortable in their long relationship.

The Cast

Leo HartLen Dudis
Holly DancerLaura Mulrean
Faith BigelowLaura Falsetti Pine
Miranda BigelowLauren E. Orkus
Ariel TookSusanna Ritti
Winston TookGeorge Immel
Dr. Hamilton AdamsRichard B. Gidez
M. J. AdamsNancy Mayer
Andre SorMatthew Bralow