Dial M for Murder

by Frederick Knott

September 4-13, 2019
The Boal Barn Playhouse

Production Staff

Stage Manager
Lighting Design
Sound Design
Kerry Clancy
Set DesignMason Keeler
Set ConstructionRob Burns
Production AssistantKim Plummer
Chris Ruble
PropsStefanie Austin
Rob Burns
DramaturgePhillip Zapkin

About the Show

Program Cover
Dial M for Murder

The play is set in the London flat of Tony Wendice, a retired tennis player turned sports equipment salesman, and his wife Margot, a moderately wealthy socialite. When the play opens, Margot is with Max Halliday, an American crime TV writer. They had an affair one year earlier, before he left London, but now he’s returned. Having discovered the affair by finding a letter from Max to his wife and pretending to blackmail her in an attempt to get her to confess, Tony has been slowly developing the perfect way to murder his wife and get away with it. Tony enlists the help of Charles Swann (AKA Captain Lesgate and several other names), a small-time con man who was a few years ahead of him at Cambridge.

The plan goes awry when Margot manages to stab Swann with a pair of scissors, thereby killing him.

Phillip Zapkin

The Cast

Margot WendiceStefanie Austin
Tony WendiceRob Burns
Rod Egan
Max HallidayMason Keeler
Captain LesgateHayden Yoder
Detective HubbardEric Zigler

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