by Steven Dietz
From the novel by Bram Stoker

October 27-31, 2010
The Boal Barn Playhouse

Production Staff

DirectorGordon Robinson
Scenic DesignerJon Vickers-Jones
Lighting DesignerAndrew Markoski
Costume DesignerJoy Downey
Special EffectsAmy Silverman
Special PropsJim Gill
Master CarpenterStephen Lucas
Stage ManagerKatie Carriero
Tech CrewMaggie Harbison
Callie Harbison

About the Show

Program Cover

Dracula is an adaptation, first published in 1996, by American playwright Steven Dietz of Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel by the same name. Though it has never run on Broadway, the author lists it among his most financially successful works, and it is frequently performed near Halloween in regional and community theaters. Closely following the plot of the novel, the play chronicles Count Dracula’s journey to England, his stalking of two young women, and his pursuit and eventual defeat by the heroines’ suitors and their associates.

While all of Stoker’s major plot points are present in Dietz’s adaptation, they are not presented in the same order. While the novel presents its various journal entries and letters in roughly chronological order, Jonathan Harker’s initial trip to Transylvania and his stay in Dracula’s castle are presented as flashbacks in the play.

Dietz’ version is not campy, though the character Renfield is used to provide some comic relief. Dietz emulates Stoker’s use of language, and incorporates fragments of Stoker’s original dialog, both in and out of its original context.

The only major characters not appearing on stage are two of Lucy Westenra’s three suitors, Quincey Morris and Arthur Holmwood. Both are mentioned in dialogue between Lucy and Mina, however the remaining suitor, Dr. John Seward, sometimes serves as a composite character of three.

The Cast

Mina MurraySara Sidelinger
Jonathan HarkerMatt Greer
Lucy WestenraKat Eskey
Dr. John SewardRob Arnold
R. M. RenfieldRick Gilmore
Professor Abraham Van HelsingMercer Bristow
Count DraculaTom McClary
Attendants/VixensLori Wilson
Abbie Moyer
Attendants/GuardsSam Reitman
Michael Tews