Book, Music and Lyrics by
Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey

June 23-26,  29-30, July 1-3, and  6-10, 2004
The Boal Barn Playhouse

Production Staff

DirectorJason Zanitsch
Musical DirectorBrian Victor
ChoreographerCaitlin Osborne
Scenic DesignerAnne Thompson
Costume DesignerDeborah Osborne
Technical DirectorAlexa Krepps
Lighting DesignerJason Zanitsch
Stage ManagerErin Albrecht
Apprentice CoordinatorWilliam C. Mulberger

About the Show

Program Cover

Rydell High is arguably the best-known high school in America. It is located in the center of Jim Jacob’s and Warren Casey’s vastly popular musical, Grease. Although produced in the 1970’s, Grease is a nostalgic look back to the Eisenhower Era – no Vietnam, no political assassinations, no hard rock. It’s a time when teenage boys wore ducktail hairdos and T-shirts with cigarette packs in rolled-up sleeves and teenage girls wore beehive hairdos and pedal pushers. The music is a gentle spoof of the music of Bill Haley and Buddy Holly. Actually, as Casey explained, “Grease is not really a spoof of the 50s, but rather a spoof of the sentiments of the period. You know, when the biggest tragedies in your life would have been to have rain on prom night or to be alone at a drive-in.”What strikes on today about Grease is its innocence. To be sure, there is a lot of vulgar language and talk about sex, but Rizzo’s possible pregnancy notwithstanding, it’s mostly talk. There’s talk of a rumble, but it never comes off. One boy bares his bottom in public but offstage. There are no drugs, no drug-sniffing dogs, no police roaming Rydell’s halls, no metal detectors in school, no racial tensions, and no loners with hit lists. Grease begins as a reunion of Rydell High’s Class of ’59. But the only two alums identified in the first scene are the class valedictorian and the school cheerleader, neither a member of the Burger Palace Boys of the Pink Ladies. What happened to the others? Did they not graduate? Did they not attend the reunion? Did they slip into the background? Or is there no life for them after Rydell High? Perhaps if we returned to the school cafeteria, the High School Hop, the Burger Palace or the Twi-Light Drive-In, we would find Rizzo and Sandy, Kenickie and Danny, and all their friends, “all choked up”, arms around each other, singing, “Chang chang-a changitty-chang shoo-bop, We’ll always be together!”  

Richard Gidez for SCCT

The Cast

DannyChristopher Michael Gibbons
SandyKelsey Lope
The Pink LadiesThe Burger Palace Boys
RizzoKatie KensingerKenickieAndrew Yearick
FrenchyAbigail BeddalDoodyBrett P. Keith
MartyAdrianna ShembellRogerKen Wozetek
JanCourtney KaufmanSonnyJ. Thomas Pogue
PattyChristina Mazur
Cha-ChaKeely Byrne
EugeneJonathan Bojan
Vince FontaineLen Codispot
Johnny CasinoTopher Yorks
Teen AngelBrett P. Keith
Miss LynchPatricia Young-Pochyba
JudyKatie Brown
Simon McGuffyAndy Kankey
Cheri LynnAmanda Memoli
Jack BernardJason Meyer
Tom O’NeilWill Mills
Michelle WrightLeah Mueller
Madison BottsSamantha Mullen
Violet PaigeLaura Snyder
Grease is presented with permission from
Samuel French, Inc. 45 West 25th Street,
New York, NY 10010