Book by Arthur Laurents
Music by Jule Styne
Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
(Suggested by the memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee)

June 22-25, 28-30, July 1-2,  5-9, 2005
The Boal Barn Playhouse

Production Staff

DirectorBrian Williamson
Music DirectorRyan Skiles
Scenic DesignerLaurencio Carlos Ruiz
Costume DesignerLaura Kaplan
Technical DirectorAlfred Gehn
ChoreographerBrian Williamson
Lighting DesignerLaurencio Carlos Ruiz
Stage ManagerJerry Henry
Apprentice CoordinatorElaine Meder-Wilgus

About the Show

Program Cover

The story goes that Ethel Merman, the star of Gypsy, nixed Stephen Sondheim as composer. Mama Rose was to be her most challenging role (no sweet Charity or singing nun here) and, as it turns out, her greatest one and she did not want a neophyte composer. So Broadway veteran Jule Styne stepped in and Sondheim stayed on as lyricist. It is tempting to think what a Sondheim Gypsy would sound like-think Follies-but Styne’s score is one of Broadway’s treasures. There is no weak number: from the simple “Little Lamb” to the show-off “All I Need Is the Girl” to the characterizing “Some People” to the raucous “You Gotta Get a Gimmick”, sung by a trio of “has-been” strippers to the show-stopping, “Everything’s Coming Up Roses”, each and every song is a winner. Consider Gypsy’s opening and closing numbers. When we first hear “Let Me Entertain You”, it is a simple melody with simple words, appropriate for the children who sing it. But as Gypsy’s strip number, the melodic line is drawn out and sinuous, and the simple lyrics become very suggestive. “Rose’s Turn” makes use of bits and pieces from other songs in the score as well as the show’s running motif, “I Had a Dream”. It is now Rose’s turn to perform. Given the chance, she could have been a bigger star than either Baby June or Gypsy Rose Lee. But the driving music and lyrics reveal that this domineering woman, who pushes off all who would love her, is an insecure woman who wants to be noticed.  

Richard B. Gidez

(in order of appearance)
Uncle JackoCharlie Wilson
GeorgieEthan Gwynn
Balloon GirlMiranda Auhl
JaniceJanice Rabian
SarahZoe Sophia Mauner
ReneeMeredith Tillotson
Baby LouiseAshley Lope
Baby JuneSuzie Shoffner
RoseJanet Donahue
ChowsieRocco Petey
PoppaGeorge Baumer
NewsboysChris Barksdale
Luke Edmondson
Ben Moser
Evan Sarnow
Tristan Wilson
WeberJack Holtz
HerbieMark Comly
LouiseRegina M. Brannen
JuneKelsey Lope
TulsaMike Hill
YonkersLance Baird
AngieBen Thomas
L.A.Will Mills
DetroitJonathan Bojan
KringelainCharles Wilson
GladysJane Auhl
Mr. GoldstoneGeorge Baumer
Farm BoysLance Baird
Jonathan Bojan
Ethan Gwynn
Mike Hill
Will Mills
Ben Thomas
WaitressesJane Auhl
Leah Mueller
Miss CratchittCourtney Kaufman
CowRegina M. Brannen
Leah Mueller
Hollywood BlondesGenavieve Shingle as Agnes
Maggie Lee as Marjorie May
Courtney Kaufman as Dolores
Courtney Lope as Thelme
Katie Martin
as Edna
Leah Mueller as Gail
Amberlee Weber as Betty Lou
PasteyGeorge Baumer
Tessie TuraRobin Wachsberger
MazeppaLiza Poor
ElectraJennifer Williams
CigarCharlie Wilson
ReneeJane Auhl
PhilLance Baird
Bourgeron-CochonJack Holtz
Produced for the Broadway Stage by
GYPSY is presented with permission granted by:
560 Lexington Avenue
New York. NY 10022