The Heidi Chronicles Auditions


Wednesday, March 16, 6-9pm
Thursday, March 17, 6-9pm
Friday, March 18, 6-9pm
Saturday, March 19, 9 am-12 pm

all auditions will be at SCCT Backstage

Callbacks on Sunday, March 20, if needed

Open Call  – No Appointment Necessary.
Those auditioning must arrive and register within the hours indicated.
Please note that the actual auditions may continue beyond the check-in times if turnout is heavy, but everyone that is checked in within the times above will be seen.

Auditions will be held at:

SCCT Backstage
171 Technology Drive
Suite 800
Boalsburg, PA

Nigel Semaj B., Director

The evolution of the women’s movement and its effects on society from the late sixties to the late 80’s is the central theme and structure for The Heidi Chronicles. Just as much as this show is about the women’s movement and the creation of the feminist movement in the 70’s and on, this show is also about the life and growth of Heidi Holland. We see Heidi grow from a girl who feels she must behave in a certain way in order to attract men, to her ardent feminist protesting and involvement in a feminist commune, to when she is a strong and fierce successful woman and mother. The play deals not only with women’s equality but also the equality of the gay community and the societal movement for equality for all.

The characters Wasserstein created all experience moments of self-doubt, loneliness and pure sadness, but why do these characters live in such a state of sadness when they are extremely successful in their careers; Heidi is a prominent art historian and writer, Peter, one of the best young and rising doctors in New York City and Scoop owns his own magazine with connections and ties to politics. While some would see these people as someone to be envied, they all struggle to find that one thing we all want, happiness. Wasserstein encapsulates their struggles and their journey to find that one thing that will finally make them feel like they are alive in this world.

The world of the play and its themes are wildly similar to the world and its social issues today, almost terrifyingly similar. This story provides insight to the beginning of a movement that is still alive and fighting for equality today. This story begs to be told and is written with a beautiful sense of reality. These characters will have you laughing and smiling and crying along with them. My approach to The Heidi Chronicles is to focus on the successes of women and the fight for equality today and trace them back to the roots and beginnings of the feminist movement. The moments leading up to feminist movement today is an important and inspiring story…one I am truly excited to tell.


Please come prepared to have fun at auditions. We want this to be an enjoyable experience you! If you are able, please download and fill out the audition form before arriving at auditions.

Auditions will consist of three parts:

1. Singing – Prepare a song of your choice, set in the style of the show (only 16 to 32 bars is necessary). This is preferred. Bring sheet music as an accompanist will be provided. Musical tracks are also welcomed via CD or MP3 (a player will be provided). A Capella is acceptable.
Note: People may be asked to do some vocalizing in order to determine range.

if you are planning to ONLY audition for plays, the Singing and Dancing portions are optional.

2. Reading – You will be asked to read an actual part from the show (called a Side). These will be provided at the audition and you will have time to look over them before you audition.

3. Dancing – Everyone will be asked to learn a dance routine. Wear something that you can move in. This includes proper foot attire.


Callbacks – Some people may be asked to come back on Sunday to do some additional dancing, singing, and script reading. People being called back will be notified via phone call and/or email.

Casting – The entire cast list will be posted on the SCCT website and Facebook page. All cast members will be individually notified by phone and/or email by a member of the production team.

Please note also that current membership is required in order to perform in the show. If you are cast, you will be required to become a member prior to the start of rehearsals. More information on membership is available here.


Rehearsals are tentatively scheduled to begin on June 27 and will follow SCCT’s normal rehearsal schedule – Monday through Thursday from 7:00pm to 10:30pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. There are no rehearsals on Fridays. Note that participation at rehearsals will be scheduled as required during the rehearsal process – not all roles may be required to be at all rehearsals.

The venue for rehearsals will be:
SCCT Backstage
171 Technology Drive
Suite 800
Boalsburg, PA

Rehearsals will move to The PSU Downtown Theatre the Sunday before Performances.


Performance Schedule

Thursday, July 28, 2016 – 8:00pm
Friday, July 29, 2016 – 8:00pm
Saturday, July 30, 2016 – 2:00pm & 8:00pm
Sunday, July 31, 2016 – 3:00pm

Performance Venue:

PSU Downtown Theatre Center
146 South Allen Street
State College, PA  16801

Character Breakdown

Heidi Holland
Peter Patrone
Scoop Rosenbaum
Susan Johnston
Chris Boxer
Easter Bunny

some actors may play multiple roles

SYNOPSIS (from Dramatists):

Comprised of a series of interrelated scenes, the play traces the coming of age of Heidi Holland, a successful art historian, as she tries to find her bearings in a rapidly changing world. Gradually distancing herself from her friends, she watches them move from the idealism and political radicalism of their college years through militant feminism and, eventually, back to the materialism that they had sought to reject in the first place. Heidi’s own path to maturity involves an affair with the glib, arrogant Scoop Rosenbaum, a womanizing lawyer/publisher who eventually marries for money and position; a deeper but even more troubling relationship with a charming, witty young pediatrician, Peter Patrone, who turns out to be gay; and increasingly disturbing contacts with the other women, now much changed, who were a part of her childhood and college years. Eventually Heidi comes to accept the fact that liberation can be achieved only if one is true to oneself, with goals that come out of need rather than circumstance. As the play ends she is still “alone,” but having adopted an orphaned baby, it is clear that she has begun to find a sense of fulfillment and continuity that may well continue to elude the others of her anxious, self-centered generation.


For more information, contact the SCCT Office at (814) 234-7228, or by email at

The Heidi Chronicles is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.