Honeymoon At Graveside Manor

A Ghostly Farce
By: Pat Cook

Post-season Halloween show

October 22-25, 2008
The Boal Barn Playhouse

Production Staff

DirectorEdna Rentschler
Technical DirectorPaul Rentschler

About the Show

Marian Thorncraft is looking forward to her honeymoon with new hubby, Tyler. She pictures someplace romantic, secluded and cozy. No sooner have her feet touched the ground after being carried over the threshold than she discovers her love nest is really a one-time mortuary! Graveside Manor, as the locals call it, has been abandoned for years, mainly due to the rumors of it being haunted. Cozy as a bat cave, it’s about as secluded as Grand Central Station. A daffy maid shows up to clean the place and gets lost in the catacombs behind the walls. This goes unnoticed because Tyler is too busy ducking a female ghost with a hatchet, three high-school kids trying to set up a Halloween prank and his wise-cracking female editor who once had a crush on him. Throw in an absent-minded cop and the escaped lunatic he’s looking for and the stage is set for a Honeymoon at Graveside Manor.

The Cast

Myron ThorncraftGordon Robinson
The WomanLaura Waldhier
Tyler ThorncraftRob Arnold
Marian ThorncraftAmber Evans
SophieKathi Lunardi
Madge PerkinsCourtney Wozetek
DurwardAlexander Korte
JudyJael Goldfine
SuzanneCarly Hafner
Officer BlairDustin Brackbill
The KidsKaitlyn Lunardi
Morgan Higgins