Kiss Me, Kate

Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter
Book by Sam and Bella Spewack

August 10-13, 16-20, 2005
The Boal Barn Playhouse

Production Staff

DirectorElaine Meder-Wilgus
Music DirectorJo Henry
Scenic DesignerElaine Meder-Wilgus
Costume DesignerLaurie A. Caplan
ChoreographerJill A. Brighton
Lighting DesignerJason Zanitsch
Technical DirectorElaine Meder-Wilgus
Stage ManagerErin Albrecht

About the Show

Program Cover
Kiss Me, Kate

The Cole Porter musicals of the 1940s -Let’s Face It, Something for the Boys, Mexican Hayride- were not vintage Porter shows. One of them, Around the World in Eighty Days (1946) with a book by Orson Welles, was a bomb. It folded in a few weeks. So much, then, was riding on the next Porter musical, Kiss Me, Kate (1948). Had the new kind of musical -Oklahoma!, Carousel- passed Porter by? Was he washed up? Not to worry. Kiss Me, Kate was his biggest hit and longest run -107 performances- and probably his best musical score. The book by Bella and Sam Spewack, loosely based on Shakespeare’s Taming of The Shrew, is clever. We watch the tryout in Baltimore of a musical based on Shrew and are also backstage of the musical watching the tempestuous relationship between stars Fred Graham and Lilli Vanessi (based on Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne and their production of Shrew with its backstage fights which parallel what is going on onstage). If the book doesn’t always hold together and has holes in it – no matter. The show is fun and theĀ score is great.

A personal note: of the more than 50 roles I have performed for SCCT, way up on my list of favorites is the Second Man in Kate. Wearing tights and singing “Brush Up Your Shakespeare”, who could ask for anything more?

Richard B. Gidez

The Cast

Fred Graham/PetruchioDavid Saxe
Lilli Vanessi/KateLaura Saxe
Lois Lane/BiancaEva Heppelmann
Bill Calhoun/LucentioEric Mollo
HattieAmelia McGinnis
PaulKen Wozetek
HortensioEric Brinser
GremioMichael Waldhier
First GangsterWilliam Daniel Daup
Second GangsterJ. Thomas Pogue
Harry/BaptistaRob Arnold
Ralph, the Stage ManagerLynn Donald Breon
Dance Captain/GregoryMike Hill
Props/ the Stage doormanG. Eric McGinnis
Wardrobe LadyLaura Stocker-Waldhier
The GeneralMike Twomley
Stagehand/PhillipMarshall Anderson
Stagehand/Cabbie/NathanielMark Comly
Stagehand/Haberdasher/DriverAndrew Kankey
EnsembleKirstin A. Kapustik
Katie Brown
Timothy Cole
Courtney Kaufman
Danya Kotak
Samantha Melonas
Adrianna Shembel

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(212) 688-2525