Molly Howard is No More

Written by:
Toby Otero

July 8-10, 2021
The Arena Bar And Grill

Production Staff

DirectorStefanie Austin
Stage Manager
Production Designer
Kerry Clancy

About the Show

Program Cover
Molly Howard

A woman is MURDERED and her GHOST now roams the halls of her estate.’Who killed her’ is the question of the night. Did the butler do it?  The maid?  A friend?  Or, maybe, it was the husband!

Add an eccentric Psychic to the mix…  And maybe, just maybe…  THE DEAD WILL SPEAK! Experience a GHOST STORY like none you have ever seen before! Everyone is in mourning and EVERYONE is a suspect, because: MOLLY HOWARD IS NO MORE!”

This performance is an Interactive Murder Mystery

The Cast

Molly HowardMeghan Fickett
Phillip HowardRob Burns
Elonora StraubTrisha Tomasko
Robert BierceRob Arnold
Madame BlackwoodCarly Chiavaroli
Abigail LaymonStefanie Austin
Dean LumleyHayden Yoder