Murder On The Nile

by Agatha Christie

June 12-15, 18-22, 2002
The Boal Barn Playhouse

Production Staff

DirectorSusanna Ritti
Scenic DesignerAdriana Pevec Brown
Costume DesignerEdna M. Immel
Stage ManagerTeresa Solarczyk
Lighting DesignerAmanda B. Huckabee
Technical DirectorDarren Ferlazzo
Apprentice CoordinatorElizabeth A. Mugridge

About the Show

Adapted by author Agatha Christie (1890-1974) from her novel Death on the Nile, the play Murder on the Nile opened in London in 1945. Christie’s very career took off when the fledgling novelist disappeared for three weeks in 1926. The sensational case was solved when she was found in a small hotel; she claimed amnesia, and never spoke of the incident publicly again. The shy and retiring Ms. Christie then proceeded to become the most popular mystery writer of all time, killing off hundreds of victims and fingering their murderers in over sixty-six novels, stories and plays.

Murder on the Nile runs true to classic Christie form. Death comes in exotic locale, in the midst of a cast of eccentrics, with motives-aplenty. It isn’t a dark or brooding play; humor and optimism win out in the end. If a person or two has to be snuffed out along the way…..well, it wouldn’t be much of a murder mystery without an actual murder, now would it? The pleasures come from putting the pieces together as the action unfolds.

In an age of entertainment that often features the graphic details of crime, the tasteful murders and perspicacious detectives-amateur or professional-of Agatha Christie still engage our interest. Whodunit here is inseparable from whydunit and howdunit, and together they represent the ultimate mystery-the workings of the human heart.

Pamela Monk

The Cast

BeadsellersSamantha Shoffner
Stephanie Shoffner
Suzanne Shoffner
StewardCharlie Wilson
Miss Ffoliot-ffoulkesStephanie J Gates
Christina GrantCatlin Osborne
SmithMichael Waldheir
LouiseAdriana Pevec Brown
Dr. BessnerMark Strzepek
Kay MostynJanine White
Simon MostynJason Zanitsch
Canon PennefatherJoe Krabill
Jacqueline de SeveracNichelle Strzepek
McNaughtCharlie Wilson