The Survivor

A riveting and inspiring tale
By Susan Nanus
Based on the memoirs of Jack Eisner

Directed by Anne Simon

Scenery Design by Claudia “Nikki” Duvall
Lighting Design by Celine Graae
Costume Design by Diane Twomley
Sound Design by Nate Hobbs

Based on the memoirs of Jack Eisner, this gripping drama takes place in the Warsaw ghetto during World War II. A group of determined teenagers organize to resist the Nazis. They begin by smuggling food into the ghetto. Eventually they form the nucleus of the Warsaw uprising. These heroic young people make a pact: if anyone survives their dreadful ordeal, he or she will tell the story of what happened to them. There was only one survivor and this is the story he told.
Performed in July 2011 on the 19-23 and 26-30
Jesse Tyler Moore
as Jacek
 Max Hults
as Yankele
Jeremy Edelstein
as Rudy
Josh Miller-Day
as Lutek
 Michael O’Neill
as Sevek
Chris Gallagher
as Markowsky, Franek
 Kaitlyn Warner
as Halina
Olivia Lusk
as Mala
Deb Gilmore
as Hela
 Rick Gilmore
as Rubenstein