Ramshackle Inn

George Batson

July 5-7, 10-14, 2007
The Boal Barn Playhouse

Production Staff

DirectorKim Silverman
Scenic DesignerJon Vickers-Jones
Lighting DesignerSusan L. Polay
Costume DesignerEdna Rentscher
Audio DesignerMike Twomley
Technical DirectorJon Vickers-Jones
Stage ManagerGina Bowker
Assistant Stage ManagerSophie Huddart
Apprentice CoordinatorAmber Daughtry

About the Show

Program Cover
Ramshackle Inn

Ramshackle Inn was written during World War II when the public was in need of light entertainment. The characters are stock characters from the mob, from the FBI, and from sheltered little towns. The style of this play is much like a movie that you might watch late at night on any classic movie channel.

Ramshackle Inn

However, in this play, it is the women who do the sleuthing and are portrayed as strong and more rounded characters. Women were often “drafted” by government services because so many men were away at war. Women literally held down the home front. Ramshackle Inn, written by George Batson, is a bit of fluff, a bit of light humor to lighten the heavy hearts of many whose family members were in the service.

Through true ensemble work, some exploration, and research, we have added some “spice” of our own, and I feel we have left the feeling of the show intact. The cast and I ask that you try to go back to a more simple time, but a time very much like our own, forget the troubles and enjoy the presentation we offer you this evening.

Kim Silverman

The Cast

PattonPatrick Brannen
ArbuthnotMichael Scorzetti
Joyce RogersSusanna Ritti
Mame PhillipsKris Sunday
Constable SmallMercer Bristow
Belinda PrydeMelissa Rohan
Commodore Lucius TowserChristopher Brannen
Gail RussellRhiannon McClintock
Alice FisherElle Maney
Dr. RussellBrian Rabian
Bill PhillipsJohn Austin
Mr. TempleGeorge Baumer
Mary TempleAmber Daughtry
GilhooleyPhil Brannen
Fred PorterMarcus Comly

Publicity Photos

Publicity Photography by
Meadow Lane Photography