Rehearsal For Murder

July 28-31 and August 3-7, 2004
The Boal Barn Playhouse

Production Staff

DirectorShaun T. McMurtrie
Scenic DesignerAnne Thompson
Costume DesignerDeborah Osborne
Technical DirectorAlexa Krepps
Lighting DesignerJason Zanitsch
Caitlin Howley
Stage ManagerErin Albrecht
Apprentice CoordinatorWilliam C. Mulberger

About the Show

Program Cover
Rehearsal for Murder

In Rehearsal for Murder, Bella Lamb, a theatrical producer, tells playwright Alex Dennison that if his new mystery play does not do well on Broadway, he can always sell it to television. Actually, in the case of Rehearsal for Murder, TV came first, then the play. The original TV script, the basis for the play by D. D. Brooke, was written by Richard Levinson and William Link, two of TV’s most successful mystery writers, responsible for the creation of Mannix, Columbo, and most notably, Murder She Wrote.

We are in the hands here of two real professionals. It is not surprising that Rehearsal for Murder is very clever. It has as its basis Hamlet’s words that “guilty creatures sitting at a play, have by the very cunning of the scene, been struck so to the soul that presently they have proclaimed their malefaction …. The play’s the thing wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king”. Rehearsal for Murder is a play within a play, devised to unmask a killer.

It won’t be easy to detect the murderer’s identity. As Alex tells his actors, “You take the audience by the hand and lead them in the wrong direction. They trust you and you betray them, all in the name of surprise”. And surprise there is. Smoke and mirrors. Signs and portents that may or may not lead anywhere.

The clues are all there. So are the red herrings. What is the significance of the monocle, the Girl Scout knife, the envelope of money, the flashlight? Why is Ernie, the doorman, so reluctant to leave the theatre? Can Sally be as naive as she appears to be? Who is the man Alex sneaks into the theatre, unbeknownst to the others? Why the arrival at a crucial moment of the play of Santoro, the moving man, who comes to unload some furniture? Answer these questions and you might very well have the key to solving the mystery. Or, you might be led down the garden path.

Richard Gidez for SCCT

The Cast

(in order of appearance)
Alex DennisonMike Waldhier
ErnieCharlie Wilson
Sally BeanKatie Murray
Monica WellesJocelyn Hepp
LorettaLaura Stocker Waldhier
Lloyd AndrewsWilliam C. Mulberger
Bella LambSusanna Ritti
Karen DanielsCaitlin Osborne
David MatthewsJohn T. Cole
Leo GibbsJohn Austin
Male Police OfficerJeff Bleam
Female Police OfficerAna del Puerto
Man in AuditoriumBill Markley
Mr. SantoroCorey Knudson
Rehearsal for Murder is produced by special arrangement with
The Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois.