Return To The Forbidden Planet

by Bob Carlton

August 14-17, 20-24, 2002
The Boal Barn Playhouse

Production Staff

DirectorRobert Campbell
Music DirectorHoward Meltzer
Scenic DesignerAdriana Pevec Brown
Costume DesignerEdna M. Immel
Stage ManagerSamantha E. Huckabee
ChoreographerBradley Dean Whyte
Lighting DesignerChuck Otto
Technical DirectorBill Mulberger
Apprentice CoordinatorElizabeth A. Mugridge

About the Show

Recipe for a musical: First, take one large helping of the 1954 sci-fi flick, Forbidden Planet, starring Leslie Nielson back when he was playing the type of hero he now mocks for a living. A spaceship crashes-or is it lured?-to the planet home of a mad scientist plagued by a mysterious beast.

Next, distill from that the basics of the plot of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest: A mysteriously powerful father, Prospero; a sheltered but oh-so-eager-to-learn beauty of a daughter, Miranda; handsome shipwrecked sailors oh-so-eager-to-teach; a good monster, Ariel; and a bad one, Caliban; jealousy, betrayal, romance.

Season lightly with Freudian theory-the Id, which are the untamed impulses that our Super Ego controls.

Throw in a healthy mix of rock and roll classics, the ones that are fun and easy to sing, particularly, Gloria (which is why in this show Prospero has a wife) . . .

Stir, mix well, lace with iambic pentameter and lots of jokes about being on a ship (thrown in for the original audience of this show–citizens of the UK, who know about boats) and there you have it: Return to the Forbidden Planet, sometimes known as Shakespeare’s Forgotten Rock and Roll Musical.

Sit back, fasten your seatbelt, and enjoy Interplanetary Scientific Survey Nine. And don’t forget the drill-You never know when you may have to reverse polarity.

Pamela Monk

The Cast

BosunWilliam Daniel Daup
Captain TempestKael Janson Weis
Science OfficerMartha Traverse
Alien QueenJocelyn Hepp
Navigation OfficerNicole Schmidt
CookieJustin Pifer
ProsperoMichael Martin
ArielJames C. Hall
MirandaAlexa Krepps
Ships CrewAbigail Beddall
Nora DeGeorge
Matthew Evans
Dennis M. Kalup
Katie Murray
Aliens from the IdJillian Merriwether-deVries
Ashlyn Sakona