Book and Lyrics By: Jesse Waldinger
Music by Bruce Trinkley

February 3 & 17, 2018
The State Theater Attic

Production Staff

DirectorMike Knarr
PianistRoger Christman

About the Show

An extremely greedy king, an incompetent wizard, a miller (what exactly is a miller, anyway?) a young female artist named Rapunzel (really), a confused narrator, and an overworked Stage Manager bring you the timeless story of how you can cure a budget crisis by printing your own money. Something about spinning straw into gold, I think.

The Cast

Rumplestiltskin Cast
NarratorFrank Wilson
Juan SeponitomRob Arnold
RumpelstiltskinEmily Yur
Rupert MillerSteve Raybuck
RapunzelJackie Gianico
Stage ManagerMike Knarr