Sweet Charity

Book by Neil Simon
Music by Cy Coleman
Lyrics by Dorothy Fields

August 8-11 and 14-18, 2001
The Boal Barn Playhouse

Production Staff

DirectorSusanna Ritti
Music DirectorMichael C. Rider
Scenic DesignerZachary DeGeorge
ChoreographerSteven F. Korkus
Lighting DesignerJason Zantisch
Costume DesignerAnn Mareszewski
Technical DirectorBill Mulberger
Stage ManagerHeidi N. Lucas
Apprentice CoordinatorMichael C. Rider

About the Show

When choreographer Bob Fosse saw Federico Fellini’s film The Nights of Cabiria, he found the perfect vehicle for his wife Gwen Verdon who had not been in a musical for several years. In the film, Cabiria was a shabby, aging Roman streetwalker who still maintained her childlike innocence and gullibility. Fosse decided to move the locale from Rome to New York and to soften Cabiria’s character by making her a dance hall hostess, but still keeping her warm-hearted charm. Fosse frequented the dance halls that were very much a part of the Times Square neighborhood. Indeed, that milieu accounts for the musical’s most successful numbers. Although some critics were bothered by the show’s sleazy atmosphere and its emotional let-down ending, Sweet Charity was a dazzling success. What bothered critics in 1966 would probably not now, thirty-five years later. Musicals have changed with the times. Times have changed in other ways. The dance palaces of the 1960s gave way in the 1970s to porno theatres which have since vanished. Now Disney reigns where once lonely guys would pay “ten cents a dance” ($6.50 by the 1960s) for a half-hour of dance and talk.

Richard B. Gidez

Charity Hope ValentineMartha Traverse
HeleneElaine C. Meder
NickieNichelle Strzepek
CarmenCorey Jean Whitesell
RosieRachel Barthmaier
SuzannePam Selfe
FrenchyIillian Merriwether-deVries
BetsyJanis Fisher
ElaineAmy Baumgarten
HostessTarin Wells
HermanWilliam Daniel Daup
Ursula MarchKristen A. McKee
Vittorio VidalMichael Martin
Oscar LindquistChris Hillner
Daddy BrubeckLynn Donald Breon
Assistants to BrubeckJustin Pifer
Michael Waldhier
EnsembleRobbie Hackman
Shaun T. McMurtrie
Laura Stocker
Erin Stover
Mark Strzepek