The Silver Cord

By Sidney Howard

July 19-20, 1956
The High School Auditorium

Production Staff

DirectorJohn Moffitt
William Swift
Set DesignerStuart Frost
Technical DirectorJim Shull
Business ManagerBob Gentry
Stage ManagerPaul Heberling
Assistant Set DesignerRobert Young
LightingJim Oblinger
PrompterRobert Young
CostumesPeggy Shull
Sally Rice
MakeupArlene Lucas
Maxine Noyes
Stage CrewRobert Young
Stuart Frost
Bob Koser
House ManagerBill Dunkle
PublicityDon Storch
M. Whitmore
Emily Berke
Head UsherPeggy Shull

Program Notes

The Community Theatre of State College is a non-profit organization composed of citizens of the State College Area. The group was formed about eighteen months ago for the purpose of providing recreation and entertainment for the entire community. As such, this becomes your organization. You the audience, and you the future members make plausible the reason for our Existing as a group.

Some of us want to act, some to do backstage work, others to work out front where they meet the public first-hand. There are all kinds of openings for people to do as little or as much as they wish. In this manner, our membership has grown from a starting point of about 15 to its present level of over fifty persons.

The future of the organization, we hope, can be summed up in one word — expansion. Expansion in the number of plays produced, including at least one annual children’s play; expansion in scope, to include various types of plays, especially those you in the audience wish to see; expansion in service, to include a theater workshop and other services to community welfare; and thru all of these, expansion in both following and active membership

We of the organization find that our greatest satisfaction comes from meeting a goal sought and well gained. At the same time, we find that we have been able to contribute to the community welfare by sizeable donations to charities.

The play which you are seeing this evening is our first endeavor into serious drama. We feel that it is a step in the right direction toward a varied repertoire. We hope very much that you enjoy it and will be back again. When the final curtain rings down we hope you will come back and see what things look like on our side of the stage. We would like to get to know you and have you meet the people connected with the show.

James Shull

The Cast

Mrs. PhelpsJo Laing
DavidFrank Schlow
RobertJim Schull
ChristinaMarty Schlow
HesterBarbara Owen
DeliaPam Enander