Hay Fever

By Noel Coward

February 26-27, 1960
State College Junior High School Auditorium

Production Staff

DirectorMarty Schlow
Production ManagerNancy McCord
Stage ManagerFrank Schlow
Set DesignNorma Glenn
BusinessSandra Ross
CostumesMarty Schlow
Florence Rowlands
Pat Wilson
Cover DesignGayle Pezzoni
HouseJoan Glickstein
Jacqueline Prybyla
Alice Pease
Louise Haupt
Shirley Shultz
Harriet Brinen
Betty Harned
LightingChris Arnold
Frank Arisman
MakeupKathy Fritz
Helen Fritz
Poster DesignTheron Hardes
ProgramGayle Pezzoni
Gal Aberg
Paula Smith
PrompterDavid Ridge
PropertiesMary Irvin Thomas-Stahle
Mimi Harris
Betsi Bell
PublicityJudy Hardes
Margaret Bowhill
Set ConstructionMax Rentschler
Jim Oblinger
Jack Brilhart
G. K. Strother
Norma Glenn
Ruth Yeaton
Lois Hicks
Mike Mattil
David Ridge
Mike Kaizen
SoundGeoffrey Wilson
Stage CrewFrank Schlow
Robert McCord, Jr.
Arty Reede
Mike Mattil

Program Notes

Private Interlude

An Intermission Idyll

SHE: Don’t lets go to the lobby, sweetums; I simply cawnt bear the
HE: Darughts, my foot. It’s that dress on Lady Q. that has your
dander up, pet.
SHE: You are an utter boor, darling; you shouldn’t be noticing
these things.
HE: Au bien contraire, pet. You should hope I never stop.
SHE: Anyway, she has no right wearing decolletage to a charity
thing like this!
HE: Guess again, pet; this isn’t a charity thing.
SHE: Oh yes it is, sweetums. Look in your program.
HE: Can’t. Chewed it up.
SHE: Boor! Boor, boor, boor! Take mine.
HE: Righto! Here, it says: Presented by the State College
Community Theater. I don’t fancy that’s an aid society, do
SHE: Read on, Macduff
HE: Ahemm… “For the benifit of the Boal Barn…”
SHE: You see! It is a charity thing. Damned nervy of them, anyhow,
using our money to put a roof over some bovine creatures.
HE: Look here; you don’t understand, pet.
SHE: Oh yes I do. A barn is a barn.
HE: But I say, it isn’t your sort of a barn, pet.
SHE: Oh isn’t it? And just what sort of a barn is my sort of a barn?
HE: Well now, look, lovie —
SHE: Don’t lovie me. What sort of a barn is my sort of a barn?
HE: Well you see — it’s… Shhh, they’re coming back.
SHE: The nerve of them, using our money — Oh, Lady Q., how are you, darling? Tell me, where DID you get that
CHARMING outfit?…


EPILOGUE: The Boal Barn is your sort of a barn is you like snappy summer theatre under completely unbovinelike conditions. See any ushe for details on season tickets.

The Cast

(in order of appearance)
Sorel BlissSusie Hampton
Simon BlissCharles McCardell, Jr.
ClaraPaticia Wilson
Judith BlissFlorence Rowlands
David BlissGlenn Sheffer
Sandy TyrellEugene Bartoo
Myra ArundelEllen Breon
Jackie CorytonBarbara Starer
Richard GreathamThurston Cosner