Book, Music, and Lyrics by Lionel Bart
Based on Charles Dickens’ “Oliver Twist”

March 20-22, 1969
Unknown Location

Production Staff

Producer and Stage ManagerRobert Breon
DirectorCarol Solic
Music DirectorKay Rossi
Technical DirectorMike Leopold
Assistant Technical DirectorDick Zeller
ChoreographerCarol Rasmussen
Set DesignJeff Moss
LightingJohn McComb
Costume ChairmanLuanne Russell
CostumesPat Pemberton
Olga Mudron
Dottie Long
Peg Sulkowski
Kathy Sulkowski
Christine Stuart
Makeup ChairmanSylvia Strause
Bev Mamet
MakeupMartha Vespa
Dan Ford
Helen Mianulli
Lynda Pallidino
Set Crew and LightingJeff Quinn
Jeff Hwozdek
Tommie Laird
Mimi Alberg
Ellen Wigley
Sue Ward
Scott Grasley
Mary Vallance
Carol Elliot
Gaylen Greico
Kathy Ranney
John Zong
John Rutschky
Publicity ChairmanRon Slavecki
PublicityChristine Stuart
Steve Wagner
Bob Witten
Jackie King
Cathelia Clay
Program ChairmanBill Klaban
ProgramJoe Trimarchi
Nick Carter
Tickets and Box Office ChairmanElizabeth Specht
Tickets and Box OfficeAdele Haugh
HouseBill Dunkel
Myrtle Williams
UshersRainbow Girls Assembly 147; Senior Scouts, Troop 1178
Properties ChairmanCynthia Campbell
PropertiesCathey Shuey
Steve Schultz
Paula McDermott
Carol Beik

About the Show

To all of us in SCCT that are connected in some way with the production of OLIVER!, there is something special about welcoming back the wistful little waif that won your hearts at the Boal Barn in the summer of 1966.

We are especially happy because of the great success the film version of the story is having across the country. We are also happy to hear again the delightful songs in the show. Those who are again playing a role in the show are happy to have the opportunity to recreate the characters… But there’s another reason that we’re happy to have OLIVER! back, and that is because it gives us another opportunity to say hello to you — The people that support our productions.

So, from all of us in SCCT to you, our audience, a great big “Hi, and welcome back” for our 1969 season. As the saying goes, “This could be the start of something big,” and we hope that it will be exactly that. We hope we can count on your continued support throughout our season, and that it will be a “big” season for all of us.

So, as we kick off our season of fun, sit back, relax, and enjoy … OLIVER!. We’re glad you came, and we hope that you’ll “consider yourself one of the family.”

“Nick” Carter

The Cast

Oliver TwistBrian Tobin
Mr. BumbleNick Carter
Mrs. CorneyEllen Breon
Mr. SowerberryAlex Kraner
Mrs. SowerberryBetti Henry
CharlotteJessica Klingman
Noah ClaypoleDick Porter
The Artful DodgerRobin Breon
FaginRichard Wentz
NancyPat Pemberton
BetBarbara Breon
Bill SykesWilliam Swift
Mrs. BedwinCarole Merryman
Mr. BrownlowSteve Wagner
Dr. GrimwigGil Alberg
Workhouse Gang
Workhouse AssistantPaul Schultz
GangFritz Herzog
David Palmer
Elliot Smith
Dennis Adams
Bill Ameringer
Craig Wheeland
Scott Thomas
Rick Rossi
Susan Thomas
Karen Thomas
Jim Solic
Denise Kaiser
Kathy O’Connell
Linda Gordon
Kim Waite
Julia McKinstry
Marta Vandenberg
Fagin’s Boys
Charlie BatesPat Morse
BoysScott Rossi
Rich Schein
Henry Meyer
Andy Vesper
David Laing
Jerry Aberg
John Edelman
Street Vendors
Rose SellerMarion Briscoe
Long Song SellerStu Chamberlain
Milk MaidLuanne Russell
Strawberry GirlElizabeth Specht
Knife GrinderPaul Schultz
Crowd and Chorus
Old SallyCaroline Waters
Old LadyElsie Miller
Mary Morse
Jeannie Irvin
Dick Porter
Pat Richers
Marge Solic
Mary Ann Solic
Jack Teatman
Beth Jinks
Sue Larkin
Mark Baker
Brad Sprankle


ConductorKay Rossi
First ViolinCarl Volz
Second ViolinDauba Rhodes
ViolaJanet Byers
CelloIrene Grindall
BassPaul Strother
FluteConnie Kean
ClarinetBarbara Johnstone
Oboe and English HornBarbara Ammerman
BassoonDebbie Huckabee
TrumpetWiliam Meyer
French HornDiane Byers
TromboneJared Melson
PercussionA. Scott Rossi
PianoRene Hardenbergh