The Fantasticks

Book and Lyrics by Tom Jones
Music by Harvey Schmidt

August 23-26, 30-September 2, 6-9, 1972
The Boal Barn Playhouse

Production Staff

Direction and Musical StagingSanford Robbins
Production DesignerGeorge Holley
Music DirectorStu Chamberlain
ChoreographerJohn Wilkins
Technical DirectorGeorge Holley
Stage ManagerCynthia Campbell
Lighting ControlAlan Thompson
Dave Bell
Kathy Puzak
Follow Spot OperatorsJon Edelman
Brad Hafer
Glenn Avey
PropertiesCherolyn Adams
CostumesAmy Adams
Kathleen McGrath
House StaffLeigh Willar
Richard Gidez
Samuel D. Kleinfelter
Nancy Resnick
Director of PublicityDavid Greer
PublicityLuanne Russell
Richard Gidez
Susan Berlin
Box Office ManagerCarol Bridgeman
Production PhotographyRoger A. Greenawalt

About the Show

Message from the Designer

Welcome to tonight’s performance of THE FANTASTICKS. As Designer I hope you will enjoy the music and acting and not really notice the more technical aspects of the production. It is the fate of all designers the the measure of success they have achieved in designing and building a show is the extent to which the audience does not consciously notice what has been done.

This anonymity is well known to people in the business of technical theatre, for theatre is, as we all know, a double experience. Theatre is both an audial and a visual experience. you go to see a play and yet while watching it you are most conscious of what you are hearing. It is also true that a great many playwrights today, in attempting to create a play with a strongly pointed moral message, ignore the possibilities of using the visual elements of the play and simply have the characters pronounce the message in varying degrees of clarity and succinctness. This is a bad situation since the power of the visual element is considerable and a great majority of the best playwrights in the history of the theatre have realized this and used the visual elements most effectively.

This is not to say that you should applaud the set as is done in most Broadway houses, or even think more consciously about what you are seeing rather than what you are hearing during a play. This would tip the theatre experience incorrectly to the wrong side. You should, however, realize that the beauty of THE FANTASTICKS hopefully will be in not only what you hear but also in what you see.

George Holley, Designer

A message from the Musical Director

If I count correctly, this makes something like a dozen musicals for me with SCCT. It’s been one of the more difficult ones; due to production problems, weather, and the fact the nobody seems to spend August in Centre County, we’ve had less than two weeks to get everything ready although usually take three to six weeks. I’d like to pay special tribute to the musicians listed elsewhere in the program. Two of them had five days of practice before opening night, and the two rehearsal pianists learned two of the most difficult scores in the musical theatre. My thanks to them … and my hope that you will enjoy our modest efforts for you this evening.

Stu Chamberlain

The Cast

MuteShelley Kerry
El GalloDavid King
LuisaMartha Traverse
MattWalter Zimmerman
HucklebeeJames Perine
BellamyStu Chamberlain
HenryRichard Porter
MortimerWarren Beward


PianoMarcia Hawk
Judy Kuhns
BassDavid Kuhns
Rehearsal PianoMarcia Hawk
Lucille Hawk