The Streets of New York

Book and Lyrics by Barry Alan Grael
Music by Richard B. Chodosh

August 18-21, 25-28, Sept 1-4 1965
The Boal Barn Playhouse

Production Staff

DirectorWarren Burns
ProducerBill Dunkel
Music DirectorHarriet Rosenberg
ChoreographerHelen Hungerford
Set Design
Apprentice Master
Allan Just
Publicity CoordinatorMary Neilly
Costume ManagerNancy Huber
CostumesBarbara Brown
Mary Lou Garber
Iona Miller
Hair StylistVirginia McCulloch
Makeup ManagerPhebe Fritz
Properties ManagerMichelle Orlando
Lights and SoundBen Marsh
George Bennett
Concession ManagerNancy Lawther
Publicity ManagerJan Christensen
PublicityJoe Servello
PhotographyCarl Dossin, Jr.
Stage ManagerCynthia Campbell
Assistant Stage ManagerMarcia Schutze
1965 Season ApprenticesGeorge Bennett
Chris Bleuler
Nick Bubash
Vicky Dale
Bill French
Karen French
Phebe Fritz
Richard Gorlow
Geoff Harris
Kathy Klein
Nancy Lawther
Robin Lewis
Toni Lewis
Marti Lindsay
Ben Marsh
Michelle Orlando
Dick Porter
Charleen Rutschky
Bob Sams
Karen Shaw
Marcia Shutze
Linda Trotter
Carl Vesper
Rick Vincent
Randy White
Gretl Yeager
Raul Zimmerman

About the Show

WHEN MEN WERE MEN – and women liked it that way

The theatre in the 1880’s was a wonderful and busy place. At theatres in downtown New York a thousand people, mostly men, would sit jam-packed on hard, wooden, backless benches in the huge horseshoe-shaped galleries of typical theatre. Song sheets for the current production were sold on the street and in the lobby. The customers frequently joined in–after a fashion–in some popular ballad being sung on the stage. Lozenge-boys, hawked their wares during the show and kept up a running commentary on the show in progress. Responses from the crowd were frequent and vociferous–cheers and jeers.

The plays of the period were, as you will see them echoed tonight, sticky sweet at times or unabashedly villainous. Men were virtuous or evil, with no shades of grey. Women were either virtuous or “fallen.” But even fallen “… she is, after all, a Woman!” There always had to be a scene of “tumult and confusion” to please the crowd. We’ve arranged just such a scene for you tonight and we hope you cheer lustily when Virtus Triumphs Again! After the show in 1880, the crowd sought out their popular delicacy–oysters–sold at curbside by push-cart vendors. Considering some bad pizza we have had, maybe the old-timers had something!

We welcome you most heartily tonight. We ask you to relax and become part of our mood of 1880. Cheer the hero, hiss the villain, and shed a tear for our maid in distress. Our players wouldn’t mind at all if you hummed along on a pretty ballad or two. This is all before the TV set, the radio, the movies: it derived from a combination of the old, sentimental drama and bits of contemporary Variety–the ancestor of Vaudeville. So drop your sophisticated world of today, satiated and jaded with too much knowingness, and return with us to an era when the issues of good and evil, Virtue and Vice did not seem at all confused. Who knows–you might even develop a craving for oysters-

P.S. Last program of the summer–grateful thanks to our producers–the Board of Directors, the Boal Barn Summer Staff, our wonderful corps of apprentices (“the apprenti”) , and the fine people of Centre County who made up our casts and crews for the summer’65 season. It has been a good year for Boal Barn and we thank all of you for your attendance. Great expansion and beautification plans are afoot for next season. Why not join up and join the fun?

Have a good year!

Warren Burns

(in order of appearance)
Gideon BloodgoodWilliam Miller
BadgerJoe Servello
Captain FairweatherVirge Neilly
A GuideTom Doerr
Mr. PuffyBill Johnston
Alida BloodgoodKay Gamble
EdwardsVirge Neilly
Mark LivingstoneLawrence Pharo
Lucy FairweatherKay Shadoan
BridgetSue Sassaman
KathleenKay Shaffer
MoiraDebbie Gamble
Mrs. FairweatherHelen Hungerford
Mrs. PuffyAnne Snyder
MexicansTom Doerr
George Garber
Three MaidsDebbie Gamble
Sue Sassaman
Kay Shaffer
Police OfficerHarold Thomen
The Poor
Guests and Delmonico’s
Lillian Brillhart
Debbie Gamble
Carol Pharo
Luanna Russell
Sue Sassaman
Kay Shaffer
Tom Doerr
George Garber
Harold Thomen
Dick Porter
Geoff Harris
Charlene Rutschky
Nancy Lawther
Marti Lindsay
PianistMarilyn Whitmire
Assisting the PianistCathy Yost
Linda Swanger
Connie Kean