Time Out for Ginger

by Ronald Alexander

July 28-31, 1965
The Boal Barn Playhouse

Production Staff

DirectorWarren Burns
ProducerBill Dunkel
Technical Director
Apprentice Master
Allan Just
Costume ManagerKaren French
CostumesToni Lewis
Phebe Fritz
Set ConstructionThe Apprentices
Makeup SupervisorPhebe Fritz
Makeup ManagerBob Sams
MakeupVicky Dale
George Bennett
Robin Lewis
Properties ManagerDick Porter
Properties Assistant ManagerMarti Lindsay
Laurie Friedman
PropertiesKathy Klein
Raul Zimmerman
Karen Shaw
Rich Gorlow
Lights and Sound ManagerChris Bleuler
Cathy Ridge
Lights and SoundGretl Yeager
Charleen Rutschky
Concessions ManagerMichelle Orlando
ConcessionsDave Atwater
Ann Thurber
Bill French
Parking Lot ManagerRandy White
Parking LotThe Apprentices
Publicity ChairmanStu Chamberlain
PhotographyCarl Dossin, Jr.
Stage ManagerMary Beyer

About the Show


Good Evening. Tonight’s play is really featherweight entertainment for light midsummer fun. There may be three or four serious lines in the play, but we haven’t found them yet. Life is serious, we know, but once in a while you have to call “time out” and just enjoy people. That’s the sum total of our pleasant goal tonight. So to all you tired businessmen, harried housewives, struggling scholars and students… “Time out”… for two hours of relaxing laughter.

I’m anxious to tell you of our next show, another comedy but of a different sort. “The Lady’s Not for Burning” is not only a very funny play but an example of how the King’s English really should be handled. John Gielgud, Claire Bloom and Richard Burton were in the original and that should clue you in to the fact that the script is top-flight material. In addition to the high-flung comedy, there will also be visual beauty with the best efforts of our unusually fine costume crew. The scene is set “more or less in the 15th century,” which lavish fullness of material, color and visual interest. As a final note of pride, we bring you the combined talents of Jean Dance, Richard Wentz, Adrian Lanser, Van VanderMeer Alex Pasquariello, plus a group of faces new to the Boal Barn. Whatever you’re looking for in theatre-going, you’ll find a good measure of it in “The Lady’s Not for Burning.” We offer you talented performers, sparking beauty and bright, clever and funny dialogue. We intend to have ourselves “a ball.” Come Join us!

Warren Burns

The Cast

(in order of appearance)
Lizzie, the maidBobbi Smokoski
Agnes CarolCarole Merryman
Howard CarolNick Carter
Joan, their daughterMary Kay Hammond
Jeannie, their daughterDebbie Noyes
Ginger, their daughterNancy Heller
Eddie Davis, Joan’s boy friendCorky Carter
Tommy Green, Ginger’s boy friendRobin Breon
Mr. Wilson, the high school principalMark Shaw
Ed Hoffman, vice-president of the bankRobert Ropelewski